In a world of high uncertainty and turmoil, most people are faced with the reality of stress and the pressures of everyday life. This kind of a scenario takes a toll and the need for extending psychological support becomes a necessity. Recognizing this need, the students at LICET are given support to face their real life problems. Sound advice and counsel is being offered by an experienced Counselling Psychologist. Students need motivation, encouragement and a nudge in the right direction. They need to identify the right tools that helps to keep moving so as to achieve their dreams and goals, which in some cases they are barely hanging on to.

Therefore the Counsellor at LICET meets the students in their present life circumstances and partners with them professionally. This helps students reach higher levels of success, harmony and happiness. The Counsellor provides tools like knowledge, motivation, support and accountability along life’s journey. What makes a difference is our commitment and dedication to every student’s success. Our mission is to help students explore and discover the right action which induces in them to take the right move in order to get results. We challenge every student to Dream, Desire, Dare, Determine and Decide so as to impact the society at large.

Ms Amala V S

Student Counsellor


Telephone number: +91 63814 87875