Internal Quality Assurance Cell

About IQAC

Jesuit pedagogy is the holistic formation of the students. The formation that have focus to think innovatively, to nurture altruistic values, and to do ever more and ever better (Magis – Ever to Excel) for the good of others, especially the needy. As Quality Assurance is a continuous process, IQAC become part of the institution’s Quality Management System and works towards realizing the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. At LICET, IQAC is formed and functioning from the academic year 2014-2015. The work of the IQAC is the first step towards internalization and institutionalization of quality enhancement initiatives.

The primary task of the IQAC is to generate good ideas, integrate and develop good practices, to plan and implement the tasks that ensures quality and maintained consistently by monitoring and assessing the outcome of academic and administrative performance of the institution.

  • To focus on institutional quality and develop specific, realistic, attainable quality benchmarks for academic and administrative activities
  • To enhance the various activities of the departments and institutionalize by integrating the good practices
  • To provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning
  • To motivate and organize Multi-disciplinary and multi-Institutional activities like Seminars and Workshops, Conferences
  • To interact with Students / Faculty / Management / Society to assess and stimulate suggestions to introduce new practices and programmes

IQAC will evolve procedures ensuring

  • Efficient and improved performance in academic, administrative and financial aspects
  • Integrate the best methods practiced and optimize the methods of Teaching and Learning
  • Preparing action plan for academic year
  • Executing maintenance through regulated audits
  • Organizing workshops and seminars related to promotion of quality
  • Drawing solutions to hurdles in achieving the goals and suggesting new methodologies
  • Documentation of various programmes / activities leading to quality improvement

Faculty Orientation Program


Dr L. Antony Michael Raj
Ms S. Nirmala
Dr A. Inba Rexy, PhD
Vice Principal
Dr S. Sengole Merlin, PhD
Dean of Women Students
Dr D. Moses Raja Cecil
Mr L. Remegius Praveen Sahayaraj
Ms L.J. Jenifer Suriya
Mr A. Infantraj
Ms B. Prabha
Mr E. Sathish
Mr B. Arulselvam
Prof. Joseph Dorairaj
External Member
Mr James Deepak D