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Science and Humanities

About us


The Department of Science and Humanities at LICET integrates four essential disciplines – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English – to provide a holistic education for engineering students. English faculty enhance communication skills and confidence for interviews, while the Chemistry department emphasizes industry-relevant knowledge and environmental consciousness. Mathematics lays the groundwork for logical reasoning and analytical thinking, crucial for engineering. Physics faculty focus on imparting a strong understanding of principles and practical application through comprehensive course materials and hands-on projects. Together, these departments prepare students not only for academic success but also for real-world challenges, fostering a well-rounded education aimed at societal impact.


To offer unstinting support to the core departments to function effectively to achieve their vision and mission commendably.


Motivating and training the students to acquire skills in problem solving, logical reasoning, analysis and effective communication that culminates in societal need oriented projects and research.


To lay firm foundation in basic sciences, which is indispensable for engineering and technology

To groom the students all-round, that they turn out to be conscientious citizens of our country

To achieve professional growth that consummates in research by imparting language skills and life skills along with technical skills

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