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National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme


A group of young minds, enthused to cherish the society, allowing our men and women to understand their roles and responsibilities in order to build a righteous environment. NSS -LICET not only provides services to the people who are in need but also strives for the holistic formation and development through education and inculcating practical skills. We believe that Education, Food, Shelter and Clothing are the most vital resources required by one for a peaceful living excluding ofcourse, peace itself. Despite the repeated contributions by various sectors of the society, there is still a large percentage of the same, deprived of the basic needs of survival such as the ones mentioned above.

Like said, “it does not take a hero to help, but the willingness itself that will once change the world for the better.” But again, willingness itself is not enough if not informed about the ways one can contribute. We believe that it is our responsibility to raise awareness amongst each and every citizen about the opportunities and needs to contribute towards the betterment of the society. Having wonderful minds in our country, it is very vital to nurture each and every idea, innovation towards accomplishment. We are here to make it happen and, so are you!

  • Support and persuade the youth towards innovation, problem solving capabilities and knowledge application to cherish and help others
  • Understand and realise one’s abilities, needs and opportunities to involve in societal problem solving.
  • Deliver people the best through education for advancement of livelihood, holistic characteristics and skills.
  • Share and raise awareness on various repercussions and their causes to the citizens and to acknowledge them on the need of their involvement and support.
  • Induce and allow to acquire self-awareness, responsibility, leadership qualities, democratic attributes and volunteering participation in various activities.
  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies, natural disasters and pandemic situations.
  • Persuade and pursue social peace and harmony.


  • To build a strong and united nation.
  • To curb religious and class disparities.
  • To educate and share knowledge to the youth, allowing them to persuade a strong society.
  • To raise awareness about a citizen’s roles and responsibilities in a democratic and accountable country.
  • To nurture innovation and ideation amongst the young minds.
  • To promote equality and equity amongst the people, pursuing them to understand and help the fellowmen invariably.

Structure Of NSS

Dr. Mike Dison
NSS Program Officer
Sagarika Vincent Mary M
Director of Projects
Timothy Prarthan Robinson
Outreach and awareness committee
Levin Prince
Public relationship officer
Madhumitha L S
Club Treasurer
Abarna Saravanakumar
Ashwanth Saravanan
Director of Operation

NSS Activities (2020-2021)

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