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Electrical Machines Laboratory-I

Facilitates the study of all DC electrical machines including special machines. The lab is equipped with DC Shunt Motor, DC Shunt Generator, DC Shunt Motor, DC Series Generator, DC Shunt Motor, DC compound Generator, DC Shunt, series & compound Motor, DC Shunt Motor, Alternator, DC Shunt Motor, Synchronous Motor, BLDC Motor, Lab Rectifier 100A Capacity

Electrical Machines Laboratory-II

Facilitates the study of all AC electrical machines. The lab is equipped with Three Phase Squirrel Cage & Slip ring induction motor, 3Φ Synchronous Motor, DC Shunt Motor# Alternator, DC Shunt Motor #Synchronous Motor, Single & three phase induction motor, transformers, Auto transformers, Various loads, Machine Models, Various ranges of Voltmeters, Ammeters, Wattmeter’s, Power factor Meters, Lab Rectifier 100 A capacity.

Power Electronics Laboratory

This Laboratory, has got equipment to study all power electronics apparatus and A.C. and D.C. drives. The lab houses power electronic training kits, chopper &Inverter control units, thyristor controllers, DSO, LCR and multimeters. This lab aids in learning various modulation techniques of PWM inverters. 

Power System Simulation Laboratory

Power System Simulation Laboratory provides the infrastructure facilities for learning through simulation. This laboratory is equipped with an i5 Computer with simulation softwares like MiPower, MATLAB (Campus Plan) and eTap Student Version. Other open source softwares like KiCad EDA, OpenSce Circuit Design Software, CircuitMaker, etc. are also available. This facilitates the simulation of electrical, electronic and power system networks. 

Control & Instrumentation Laboratory

The Control and Instrumentation Laboratory is equipped with an infrastructure that could produce reliable and reproducible results.  The instruments and experimental set-up include AC/DC bridges, Synchro Transmitter-Receiver, Position and Speed control of AC/DC motors, Controller and Compensator Design, Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Instrumentation Amplifier, measurement of Power and Energy and various sensors for measurement of Pressure, Temperature, Displacement, Strain, Flow, etc. The Laboratory is installed with MATLAB simulation software to design and simulate the model and analyse the results to support the physical implementation. The laboratory is well maintained and could be utilised by eight batches of students having four members each, in one session.

Electric Circuits Laboratory

Has got equipment’s, devices and ICs for the study of electronics and related topics. Facilitates the study of design of electronic circuits and verification of basic laws and theorems. The lab is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Regulated Power Supply, Digital LCR Meter, Energy meter and Digital Multimeter

Renewable Energy Laboratory

This laboratory facilitates the study and design of solar, wind & fuel cell based renewable energy systems. The lab is equipped with standalone and grid connected solar PV system, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Regulated Power Supply, Digital Energy meter and Digital Multimeter.

Engineering Practice Laboratory

Facilitates the study of Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics’ Engineering. In this laboratory the basic experiments like measurements of voltage, current, power and power factor in single phase supply, residential wiring, lamp wiring and energy measurement are conducted.


Central Library

The Central library has a collection of about 36029 books consisting of 10400 volumes of departmental books, 2600 reference books, 1306 CDs/DVDs and subscribes to 45 printed journals and E- Journals like IEEE, ASME, Springer, Elsevier Science Direct etc. 


Hostel facilities for both boys and girls are available in the LICET campus with well furnished rooms and modern amenities. The overall atmosphere is very conducive for students to concentrate on studies. 

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is utilized to conduct all the events in the college like seminars, talks, and celebrations. It is well maintained and spacious in order to accommodate a good amount of audience.   

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