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Engineering Practices Laboratory

Experiments were conducted in civil and mechanical engineering concepts such as plumbing, carpentry, sheet metal work, welding and simple lathe machining.

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

In manufacturing technology lab I, various machining operations such as turning, step turning, taper turning, thread cutting, knurling, drilling, etc.
In manufacturing technology lab II, various machining operations such as milling, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, tool grinding, etc.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

Students calculate flow rate using flow meters such as venturimeter, orificemeter and rotameter. Students conduct performance test on rotodynamic pumps, positive displacement pumps, impulse and reaction turbines.

Thermal Engineering Laboratory

In thermal engineering lab I, students learn to conduct performance test and heat balance test under different loading like mechanical, hydraulic and electrical loading.
In thermal engineering lab II, students learn the basic heat transfer concepts such as conduction, convection and radiation and also analyze the heat transfer concepts.

Strength of Materials Laboratory

Students are taught to measure the various mechanical properties such as harness, impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength, stiffness.

Dynamics Laboratory

Students are taught to measure damped and undamped vibrations and do experiments in various governing mechanisms.

Metrology and Measurements Laboratory

Students calibrate various machining instruments and also measure torque, force, surface finish, flatness, and various linear and angular measurements for the given specimen

C.A.D. / C.A.M. Laboratory

In CAD lab, students are taught to create solid assembly models using design softwares such as solid works and creo parametric.
In CAM lab students learn CNC part programming in CNC lathe and CNC vertical milling machine in FANUC platform.

Mechatronics Laboratory

Students will learn about mechanical, electrical and electronics system as an amalgamation known as mechatronics. Students also learn various simulation software such as automation studio, LABVIEW, and mat lab for better usage and application of mechatronics concepts.


Central Library

The Central library has a collection of about 36029 books consisting of 10400 volumes of departmental books, 2600 reference books, 1306 CDs/DVDs and subscribes to 45 printed journals and E- Journals like IEEE, ASME, Springer, Elsevier Science Direct etc. 


Hostel facilities for both boys and girls are available in the LICET campus with well furnished rooms and modern amenities. The overall atmosphere is very conducive for students to concentrate on studies. 

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is utilized to conduct all the events in the college like seminars, talks, and celebrations. It is well maintained and spacious in order to accommodate a good amount of audience.   

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