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Guest Lectures & Workshops

S NoTopicDateResource PersonTarget AudienceMapped PO’sAcademic Year
1Hands on Workshop on Software Testing and Automation10/02/2024Mr Sivakumar Chandran, Test Lead, Sword Global India Pvt LtdIII Year CSEPO1, PO5
2Hands On workshop on UI/Ux Design18/01/2024Mr Ganesh kumar, Product Designer, Vajra Technologies, ChennaiIII Year CSEPO1, PO5
3Navigating Success in Studies and Placement Management10/01/2024Mr. Justin Jocob Arunothoyam, HR Manager at IndiumII Year CSEPO10, PO12
4Awareness on cyber security09/01/2024Mr Mavavannan Megavannan, Senior Principal Consultant, CyberFortII Year CSEPO1, PO3
5Exploring CyberSecurity and Certification pathways01/11/2023Ms Kavitha Ayappan, Global Head – Compliance Risk and Audit Aspire SystemsIII Year CSEPO1, PO5
6Power of Java Collections25/09/2023Dr J K Deepak Keynes, Team Lead, Cognizant Technologies, CoimbatoreII Year CSEPO1, PO3, PO5
7App Development using Flutter22/09/2023Mr C Cakston, Former Senior Flutter Developer, MWS Research CenterIII Year CSEPO1, PO3 and PO5
8Importance of Global Certifications19/09/2023Mr Ranjit SenGupta, CEO, Vectra Technosoft Pvt LtdI Year CSEPO5, PO12
9Graduate School Admissions Conclave14/09/2023Mr Sriram Rangarajan, Learners CortexIII Year CSEPO10,PO12
10Being a Professional Engineer19/09/2023Prince Simon Director, DTCC and Mr ChandraMouli, HR from DTCCIV Year CSEPO10, PO12
11Industry Trends and Expectation07/09/2023Rex Mohan Kumar, Global Chief Enabler, KEFA Technologies SolutionsIV Year CSEPO12
12ICT Power Seminar on PowerBI25/07/2023Mr Baskar DhanrajIII CSEPO1, PO3
13Cyber Psychology24/07/2023Ms Joe Nisha Aravind, Renowned Psychologist and Founder of Hopes FoundationIII CSEPO12
14Power of Internships in Placement Success24/07/2023Ms Janaki, Software engineer at Rocketlane Alumni Batch 2020III CSEPO12
15Unlocking high package placement through Technical Preparedness21/07/2023Mr Jithin S L, Customer Specialist, Data Analytics and AI, Google Middle East, DubaiIII CSEPO1,PO12
16IPR Awareness Session26/04/2023Ms Geetha, Women ScientistII YearPO12
17Insights from Alumni31/03/2023Mr Rishi Kumar, Commercial PilotIII YearPO6,PO9 and PO12
18My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Startup founder16/02/2023Mr Garwin Lawerence, CEO, Coding SpaceII YearPO6,PO9 and PO12
19Awareness on Open source Technologies01/03/2023Mr. Abdul Majeed Khan Redhat Architect Level – 11I YearPO6,PO9 and PO12
20College to Corporate Transition16/11/2022Mr Sharad Joshi and Mr Raman Kapil, Leadership Team of DTCCIII Year CSE and ITPO6,PO9 and PO12
21Overseas Higher Education07/10/2022Mr Sriram Rangaraj, Learners CortexIII and IV year CSEPO12
22EICON Installation – Innovation and Entrepreneurship22/09/2022Mr Mohan, CEO & Co-Founder, IppoPay Technologies Pvt LtdII, III and IV Year CSEPO6 and PO12
23Awareness session on Data Center Virtualization and software defined networks18/05/2022Mr Abhijeeth Roy, Senior Partner Manager, Retail at VWare Software India Private LtdII and III Year CSEPO1, PO5, PSO3
24Operating System Mgmt in Cloud Environment18/05/2022Mr Mahesh, Red Hat Certified Instructor and Mr Sriram, Red Hat Certified InstructorII Year CSEPO1 & PO5
25Awareness on open source technologies and its career opportunities11/04/2022Mr Ranjit Sengupta, Director & COO, Vectra Technosoft Pvt LtdI Year CSEPO1, PO5, PO6
26Augmented and Virtual Reality09/04/2022Mr Andrew Nigel, Project Manager, Metavrse, Canada. Founder & CEO, XRit, Canada
Mr Anup Paul Prakash, Technical Lead, Martinrea International, CoFounder and COO, XRit, Canada
II and III Year CSEPO1, PO5
27Preparing yourself for Campus Interviews28/03/2022Ms. Kavitha Kalaiselvi P, Founder and CEO, Talentegrity Consulting Services LLP
Mr. Harihar S, Entrepreneur, Engineering Services & Solutionns
II and III Year CSEPO1, PO10, PO12
28Attitude decides Altitude24/02/2022Dr Paul Susheel, International Life Coach, PS AcademyI Year CSEPO9,PO10, PO12
29RHCSA awareness session28/01/2022Mr Babu, Sr Executive, Advantage Pro, Red Hat AcademyI Year CSEPO1
30Profile Building and Networking18/11/2021Mr R Vignesh, Associate Developer SAP Labs Pvt LtdI Year CSEPO9, PO10
31Innovations and Startup3/11/2021Mr K Shree Jayaram, Field Coordinator, MIT, IEDPI Year CSEPO6, PO12
32Coding Skills3/11/2021Mr Rahul K Johnny, Alumni, B2019I Year CSEPO1, PO3 and PO12, PSO1
33Introduction to Network Models21/10/2021Mr.Manimaran CCNA S&R, CCNP encore certified professional, Skylark Information TechnologyIII Year CSEPO1 and PO5
34How to be an effective role player16/08/2021Mr. Benny Theodore, Assistant Vice President Organizational Development Equity Small Finance Bank Ltd.II, III & IV year CSEPO9 and PO12
35Planning your career ahead. What is next?16/08/2021Panel Discussion, Batch 2017-21
Esther veronica
Alex Ezhil Arasu
Sime Josephine Victoria
Sarah Prakriti Peters
Aarthi Wilson
Nancy Mathew
36Leading through Adveristy16/08/2021Mr. Rajiv Chelladurai, Founder of Ergos mindII, III & IV Year CSEPO8 and PO12
37Industry Academia Conclave: Passion How does that drive us15/04/2021Team of SAP EmployeesII, III & IV Year CSEPO1, PO3, PO12
38Industry Academia Conclave: Technology in Nation Building9/4/2021Mr P Aravindhan, I.P.S Superintendent of Police, ThiruvallurII, III & IV Year CSEPO6 and PO12
39Industry Academia Conclave: Technology in Service9/4/2021Ms Jaya Raja Pauline M, Deputy Collector, CuddaloreII, III & IV Year CSEPO6 and PO12
40PL/SQL: Real World Case Studies27/03/2021Ms Linciya Thomas, Senior Associate in Database 3i InfotechII Year CSEPO1 and PO3
41Industry Academia Conclave: Future Trends and Opportunities26/03/2021Mr Aravind Kumar Ramanan, Specialist Application Management and SOA, SaskPower, CanandaII, III & IV Year CSEPO1,PO3, PO12
42Industry Academia Conclave: Future Trends and Opportunities26/03/2021Ms Rajalaksmi Srinivasan, Director – Site24X7, ZohoII, III & IV Year CSEPO1, PO3, PO12
43Tete-a-Tete12/10/2020Ms Vijayalakshmi, Agile Delivery Lead Capital One Glen Allen, Virginia, United StatesII, III & IV Year CSEPO1, PO3, PO12
44Effective use of Digital Platforms3/8/2020Mr Charles Godwin, HR Leader & Public Speaker Zoho Pvt LtdII, III & IV Year CSEPO6, PO9 and PO12
45Dealing with Boredom3/8/2020Ms Florentina, Alumni B2016, Senior Executive – Accessibility Publishing, SPI GlobalII, III & IV year CSEPO12
46Stress Management4/8/2020Ms N Anitha, Executive Administrator, NIWEII, III & IV year CSEPO12
47Moodle Usage4/8/2020Mr L Remegius Praveen Sahayaraj, Assistant Professor/CSE LICETII, III & IV year CSEPO5
48Training Mind and Body4/8/2020Ms Jebin Jacob Assistant, Professor – Psychology Presentation CollegeII, III & IV year CSEPO12
49Engineering Project Management27/07/2020 to 31/07/2020Mr Juliyan Patrik, Research Scholar, Gannon University, Pennsylvania, USAIV Year CSEPO1, PO11
50Motivational Talk10/02/2020Mr Murugesan, Visiting Faculty, LIBAII & III Year CSEPO12
51Motivational Talk25/11/2019Mr Amalraj, Director & CEO, Tirame TechnologyI Year CSEPO9 PO12
52Subnetting and Cisco Packet Tracer20/8/2019Ms Nandhini, Network Trainer, CSS CorpIII Year CSEPO1 PO2
53Linear Programming and its application5/8/2019Prof P Murugesan, LIBAIV Year CSEPO1 PO2
54Future Scope of Data Science02/08/2019Dr Arul Joseph, Professor, Fu Jen UniversityIII Year CSE & ITPO1, PO5,
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